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Everybody Wants Your Money
March 2006
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ISBN: 0060851155

"Real world, based-on-actual experience, insight and advice on protecting and growing your money."

--Steve Forbes,
President, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief Forbes

"…In today's world, there's no shortage of charlatans and con artists laying in wait for the innocent or the unwary.

"To paraphrase Blanche DuBois, late of the still-soggy wasteland that was once New Orleans, we've all come to depend on the kindness of strangers -- a level of naiveté not dissimilar to that of the wildebeest calf who saunters toward the waterhole, assuming that those lurking shapes awash near the shoreline are merely harmless logs.

"The result: today's alligators are sleek and well-fed, both those found in nature and their two-legged brethren alike…"

--From Everybody Wants Your Money,
by David Latko

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